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by Tiffani on May 17, 2017

Seeking recommendations for Mobile Software Companies

Hi, I want to build a mobile application on the IOS and Android Platform for the Food Industry.  I only need help with the Front-End because I have hired a team in India to complete the back-end. I will need the apps to focus on the users experience.  I will also need the development company to offer program management services to the india team. I am looking for custom software company recommendations.  They do not have to be local to DFW.  Thanks in advance! Tiffani

by Aashoo on May 02, 2017

App programmer for a Yelp competitor

Hello DFW community, I have an idea for an app that would compete with Yelp for restaurant reviews, but unfortunately, I am not an app programmer! Looking to partner with someone who would work with me to assess the feasibility of this app! Thanks Aashoo Tandon

by Allen on May 05, 2017

General Manager Search

Tech EdVentures teaches kids computer programming, engineering and robotics across the DFW Metroplex.  Fully funded, expanding rapidly in our home base while preparing to reach a national audience. We are looking for a confident operations leader who is ready to change the world. 5-8 years of operations leadership that includes guiding projects, managing people, improving systems and working comfortably with both financial and operations-level analytics. Detailed information available here. 

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