by Farrel on May 26, 2016

I build - Mockups - Wireframes

Hello , I Build Preto-Types and mockups of any idea you have for a flat rate in 30 days! $1,500 Contact me for example of my work! and a meeting

by Jason on May 24, 2016

Developer Looking for Side Work

I am a backend/database developer looking for some side work. I have 10 to 15 hours a week to put towards a side project. Please email me if interested.

by Stephanie on May 23, 2016

New tech incubator opening! First 50 members get equity!

The Smartr Foundry is a 10,000 square foot nonprofit, business incubator specifically focused on scalable industries; such as software & mobile applications, healthcare, fintech, bio-medical, and/or disruptive technologies. Sponsored by The Smartr App Company and located on Avenue J in Grand Prarie, TX, The Foundry's purpose is to provide resources for startups in and around Grand Prairie and Arlington TX, which will bring economic growth to the all of DFW, as well as the attention and exposure that ambitious startups need. "Users" have access to REAL investors, (angels, collective investor groups, VC firms, and private funding) mentorship, real life businesses classes, out of this world networking opportunities, and a collaborative work environment through our exclusive membership program - all while working right alongside the officers who run The Smartr App Company, which is projected to hit the trillion-dollar mark in their second year. "We don't want corporate offices with committees and strategic action items. We would much rather partner with the smartest people in Dallas and put them under one roof." Jason Criddle Resources and amenities include talks and classes from well established - industry designated professionals, in-house publishing, printing services (business cards, flyers, etc), open, standing, and treadmill workstations, ridiculously fast Wi-Fi, washers & dryers, showers, radio and video production equipment, service discounts with our Foundry Partners, conference rooms, a coffee bar, fresh fruit, and our very necessary Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Station.  Our Membership levels are as follows: $100 per month - Foundry Patron - Patrons have Foundry access from 6am to 6pm, and are welcome to come and work, network with others, use any unassigned or non-sponsored work stations, use the Wi-Fi, and obtain discounts on printing, production, and publishing amenities. As a Patron, you will also have access to all classes, courses, lectures, and workshops that take place during Foundry business hours. $250 per month - Foundry Member (unassigned work station) - A Foundry Member can do anything a Patron can do, PLUS they have 24 hour access! There are no discounts on any Foundry services for members either, as your membership includes ANY and ALL amenities, courses, after-hours events, etc. Been a long day? Take a shower, have a sandwich and coffee, and get your laundry done right here while you build your startup with us. $500 per month - Foundry Resident (assigned or sponsored work station) - Our Foundry Residents can do pretty much anything they want. On top of having access to absolutely everything on campus, you can also pick your own work station, and know it will always be available to you around the clock. You also have access to our sponsored work stations, which are just plain cool, and have plenty of perks that come along with... like free sandwiches at our Subway sponsored work station, or use of a new Surface tablet from our Microsoft Partners station.   Workstations will be available within 30 to 60 days. We are taking applications now since space is limited and filling up quickly. If you are interested and meet our criteria, please contact us at or call 503-528-4973.  

by Sean on May 22, 2016

Potential Venture Capital Financing

Hello, all: My name is Sean Brown. I am an attorney in downtown Dallas. A client and his business partner are looking for young companies to invest in and help grow. They will be setting up their website very soon. While they get that set up, they'd like to start receiving pitch decks and/or business plans. Please send decks/business plans and a quick summary about your idea/business to my personal email address: Thanks, Sean

by Debra on May 19, 2016

Complementary Webinar for Entrepreneurs and Startups

Visit URL:   - A program tailored for Entrepreneurs Don't miss this complimentary webinar to learn more.   In need of reliable IT experts to bring your product to life? If you're an entrepreneur and looking for a likeminded IT partner to provide you with Technological and Financial support, the Startup Genie Program will provide you with many benefits:  A full Team of IT SMEs that can get started on building the product immediately. An average of 50% cost saving compared to staffing internally or contracting. Financing and Investment options to help with upfront costs.  A vested IT partner, and not just an IT provider, is what TechGenies will be.    Join the one-hour webinar to learn about the Startup Genie Program   For your convenience, our webinar is scheduled at two different times. We encourage you to join us to discuss how TechGenies can become a valuable partner.    To attend a webinar:   Please select the date that works best for you.  Click the below link: May 25, 3 pm CT  ( July 13, 3 pm CT  (   About TechGeniesOver the past decade, TechGenies ( has developed into a global IT resource provider and project services outsourcing firm. We deliver our resources through a unique co-employment model that provides access to excellent cost effective resources located in both offshore and near-shore locations.           Contact us at: TechGenies LLC | 610 Elm Street, Suite 700 | McKinney | TX | 75069 | +1.855.6 Genies This email was sent to by partnerships@techgenies.comUpdate Profile/Email Address | Privacy PolicyUnsubscribe

by Stephanie on May 18, 2016

New Incubator opening in Grand Prairie

The Smartr App Company is opening our first Smartr Foundry. As entrepreneurs and investors, we have recognized the need to support startups in our area. Growth for technology and software companies is lost to places like Philadelphia, DC, New York, and California. While most Dallas-based investors are focused on real estate, we are focused on tech startups. Especially since there is an abundance of local talent and creativity in this area, but a lack of sufficient investors to support them. Which basically means we are losing large amounts of tax revenue and job growthâ�¦ and Grand Prairie has a lot of empty real estate ready to be filled.   The Smartr Foundry will provide a launching pad for new businesses in Grand Prairie. Entrepreneurs will be given shared education in order to avoid the usual pitfalls of startups, along with other resources that include, potential investments, mentorship, and office services and supplies. This will encourage business growth right here in our own metroplex.   The Smartr Foundry will have 24/7 access, and aims to provide resources, amenities, access to investors, mentorship, classes, and a collaborative work environment to new entrepreneurs through our membership program. There will be 3 levels of membership, each one opening our entrepreneurs to different levels of access and curriculum. Membership will be determined through an application process, and some requirements will include at least 5 hours of fundraising and/or community service in the city of Grand Prairie. Resources and amenities include talks and classes from established professionals, in-house publishing, printing services (business cards, flyers, etc), open, standing, and treadmill workstations, wifi, washer & dryer access, showers, radio and video production equipment, conference rooms, and a fruit, veggie and Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich station. If you are interested in becoming a member or would like to contribute to our fundraising campaign, please contact us at or

by Farrukh on May 17, 2016

Looking for an Unreal Game Developer

Hi Everyone, We are looking for unreal game developers to help with a few development projects which we are looking to pursue. This will start on a part time basis and can then grow into a full time role. Someone familiar with iOS is a bonus but not compulsory. Feel free to send me a message or email me on Thanks Farrukh Here's some background on us -

by Meltem on May 16, 2016

Need a youth Sherpa

My stepson is visiting for the summer . He is a 12 years old brilliant student. I would like him to have some hands on experience and have some responsibility around brilliant start-up minded guys like you. He will help with house keeping, computers and anything you needed in an exchange giving him some motivation and passion..Any takers?

by chris on May 13, 2016

UX, UI Design and Programming

We are in the final stage of MVP development for an online web app, with end point being a small and very limited market test. Relevant user input screens (account creation/login/password recovery/profile creation) are done from a functional viewpoint. There are also two templates in place, as well as a website on Unbounce in process. We are not looking for intricate- we are looking to take our current functional layout/assets and make them appealing and with a consistent look/feel throughout the user experience. This would be a great opening for a knowledgeable college student to hone existing skills, who has previous experience in website design and UX programming. Could also be a side project for an experienced individual with other responsibilities looking to make some side income. Add'l detail available, just message me back. Chris

by JB on May 12, 2016

Interested in Blockchain?

I am looking for people who are interested in or have messed around with creating something with blockchain that is not a crypto-currency. This will be a POC or potentially just a prototype. I am a UX/product designer looking to see what can/can't be done.

by Richard on May 11, 2016

Java Developer

Hi, RoboKind is looking for some very fast help for a quick/small project that needs to be completed in the next week. The project is developing a small piece of software to test some motors on a robot. You will be paired with an engineer that is familiar with the project and work with him to iterate this development as quickly as possible. It would be ideal if you could work from our office in Downtown Dallas to expedite the communication loop and test directly on our robots.

by Steven on May 10, 2016

Athlee to Techlee

Left handed Andre Agassi Table Tennis player Ready to jump into the world of technology and intern for a startup to build up my career. Making a career change from an Athlee to Techlee. How you can help: Give an opportutnity to prove myself that I am worthy to be in the tech world as your intern. �Steven

by Meltem on May 10, 2016

3d Game Modeller

Hi All, I know DFW has a strong game community and I need one of those brilliant members to help us with our early (fetus) stage of startup.. We need someone with some experience with blender, 3d Studio or anything like these (doesn't matter as long as you know what to do and create the awesome heros, heroins and buildings).. It the beginning we don't have a lot of money to offer! But, fun, coffee and food !! You can be virtually anywhere, China, Europe or right here in Dallas. If you are here it will be awesome cos we can have lunch, coffee or beer to discuss the idea further.. Give me a shot on Cheers, Meltem

by Stephanie on May 06, 2016

New app that generates passive income

We recently launched a brand new app called The Smartr App. It's a social shopping app that pays users to not only use the app, but to share it with others who use it. Users have access to millions of products and thousands of brand names. It's so much more than a shopping's an asset-building tool. Here's what you do: Download The Smartr App for free, register for an account, then login. It will ask if someone is trying to pass you the app. Hit "yes," then enter passcode: stephanie. Share the app with as many people as you can and give them your passcode. Tell them to do the same. As you and others use the app, your earnings will grow! Please contact me with any questions at or

by Arun on May 05, 2016

Software Development

Hi Friends, I'm Arun R S Chandran, CEO, Neonicz Solutions Pvt. Ltd., India. I've a small team who are excellent in Software development on Java, J2EE, Liferay, Spring, Hibernate and many other Web Oriented technologies. We also have expertise in Android and Phonegap Application development for mobiles. We already support many start ups and established organisations from U S A, France, South Africa, Zambia, Sudan, U A E and India. Here I can offer a cost effective quality product development who are looking for outsourcing their awesome product. We follow agile methodologies to bring success for our customers. Take a look at our website and drop me an email for any more discussion. My email Id is . Cheers, Arun R S Chandran

by Blake on Apr 29, 2016

Business/ Brand Video

My company just completely re-branded a custom furniture business in McKinney, TX and thought we would share how well their brand video is working for them... The purpose of the video was to give more information about what the company does and to portray the quality of their brand. You can check out their video here on their about page - Our team at Long Drive Agency loves telling brands story through video, so if you're ever in need, let us know!

by Kirk on Apr 25, 2016

Intern for a Commercial Solar Development Startup in Dallas

Job Description: Summer Internship for Key Solar Strategies. Job Summary: Intern will work directly with management to provide market research, financial modeling, and content marketing generation. Intern will be exposed to the development process for commercial solar projects and gain experience in a burgeoning industry that has led in sector job growth over the last five years. Prefer background in business or marketing fields. Qualifications:  Strong writing and organizational skills Ability to manage multiple priorities. Applied knowledge in the areas of communication, interpersonal relationship management, versatility and creativity. Proficiency with Microsoft Word and Excel. Ability to understand basic financial modeling. Maintains a high level of intellectual curiosity. Strong willingness to learn and improve both personally and professionally. Duties: Assists in market research as it pertains to lead generation. Develop an understanding of our specific financial model. Provide preliminary designs for solar projects using intuitive software. Develop content for marketing campaign on both internet and social media platforms. Performs various administrative and other duties as needed.

by Eric on Apr 25, 2016

World Intellectual Property Day Expo Dallas 2016

Join us on April 27th at the Texas Regional Office of the USPTO to celebrate World IP Day 2016. There will be an open-door exposition and presentations from 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. along with a keynote address at 12 noon.   Scheduled Expo Booths and Presenters: â�¢ United States Patent and Trademark Office â�¢ American Intellectual Property Law Association â�¢ Dallas Public Library (Patent and Trademark Resource Center) â�¢ Dallas Entrepreneur Center â�¢ Dallas Bar Association, Intellectual Property Law Section â�¢ Small Business Administration â�¢ TWU Hub for Women Business Owners â�¢ U.S. Commercial Service â�¢ Dallas Regional Chamber    Please RSVP for this free event through the link here.   USPTO-Texas Regional Office - 207 S. Houston St., Suite 159, Dallas, Texas 75202 For additional information, please send an e-mail to: texasregionalUSPTOEvents@USPTO.GOV

by Barrett on Apr 23, 2016

Offering financial/business planning support

I am seeking opportunities to support start-ups with financial/strategic/operational planning, developing business plans, preparing equity/lender presentation materials, etc. I am a highly skilled financial and business strategy professional with broad and deep experiences preparing business plans and equity/lender presentation materials. Please reach out to me if you'd like to learn more about how I can help support your needs.

by Farrel on Apr 22, 2016

MVP Needed

I am looking for developers that is willing to invest in an original Startup and to help build an MVP model for a new business! I need this masterpiece created by September 19th 2016

by Kiefer on Apr 21, 2016

IOS and Android Developers @ Frisco Office

Hey Dallas friends. It's Kiefer with AppealingStudio and I've got an internal startup idea that I need some developers to help with. I've partnered with a local company who has access to several Fortune 500 companies, and I want to build a white labeled product that those companies will use. I am ready to hire today. Benefits, etc. Here's the link to the general job descriptions I'm looking for ( Also feel free to check out our track record on We've blown the lid off several industries and plan to do that on a regular basis. Come help us! <- Email me Cheers, Kiefer Waight

by Anthone on Apr 21, 2016

SaaS Subscription Payment Platform

Anyone have any experience with subscription payment platforms? We are looking at Chargebee, Zuora and others. Any feedback or guidance would be appreciated.

by Dreu on Apr 21, 2016

Back-end/front-end devs with entrepreneurial spirit!

Startup software firm specializing in MLM/direct sales software needs two talented jr back-end developers (LAMP,js mainly) and a front-end developer (developer/designer a plus). Top consideration goes to developers familiar with network marketing and how the most common compensation plans function AND concentrated skills in mobile adaptation. At launch we will be servicing three companies to fix a buggy-codebase and optimize UX. The next phase will be remodeling the software to be modular and adaptable to different kinds of MLM startups with a heavy emphasis on responsive design. Seeking part-time and full-time applicants. Seeking ENTREPRENEURS. This is not heavily funded but the demand for even the buggy software this company is selling and leasing now is enormous and progress/development of their software is impossible due to support/customer service demands. So while this may not be the highest paying job in the beginning, we are seeking those looking to be part of the team and part of the ownership of what could be a fun, exciting profitable, startup that will serve a demanding niche software market. Message me on here for application instructions! Thanks, Dreu Austin, CMO Nutrisail, LLC

by Q on Apr 21, 2016

Need CTO w/experience (FAIR SHARE Equity!)

Must play at least one sport! Please forward your resume and portfolio for careful consideration! Hope to hear from you soon :) Best, B

by Melody on Apr 20, 2016

Business Development Manager Needed for Dallas Office

LA/NYC based startup is currently seeking a business development manager at Dallas to launch the Dallas office, the manager will work closely and locally with team in the following work area: 1)  Research and develop company's business relationship with potential new clients and turn this into increased business. 2)  Manage and work with BD team to develop proposals that speaks to the client's needs, concerns, and objectives; 3)  Identify opportunities for campaigns, services, and distribution channels that will lead to an increased sales and business. 4)  Plan persuasive approaches and pitches, 5)  Contacts and negotiates potential clients via email, phones and in person 6)  Submit weekly progress reports and ensure data is accurate. To qualify for this position, the candidate should possess: -Bachelor â��s degree required -2-3 years+ related experience in business development/marketing is a plus; -Positive attitude to work in a busy environment; -Excellent communication skills and writing skills -Team-oriented, motivated self-starter who thrives in a fast spaced, dynamic environment; -Demonstrated strong organization, multi-tasking and time management skills-Organized and capable of handling all size events; -Proficiency in Microsoft Offices; -Highly energetic, creative and flexible and effective at reaching the desired end goal The company is a peer to peer social marketplace platform connecting travelers around the globe according to their interests. We create unique local activities for you to enjoy in your favorite travel destinations. Please send us the following materials to with subject as "BD Manager". â�¢ Resume â�¢ Cover Letter 

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