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by Danielle on Aug 28, 2015

Oaktopia 2015- Street Team DDFW, ATX, WACO, OSU, OU

I need reps from the following universities to hang flyers, pass out handbills on and around you respective campus for Oaktopia: BAYLOR, TCU, TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY, UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN, OU, AND OSU.Each team member will receive 1 3-day pass to the Oaktopia Music Festival in exchange for their services.Must hang designated number of flyers and document each location for verification purposes. If interested, please email with subject line: Oaktopia 2015 Street Team Inquiry (insert name here)For more information on our festival, please visit

by Chris on Aug 24, 2015

Front Porch Conference $100 off

Hello everyone,This year's Front Porch Conference is less than two months away. If you haven't gotten your ticket, now is the time. We have two workshops in addition the conference that we are very proud to offer. Jonathan Snook, author of SMACSS is teaching a workshop based on his book. And Mathew Carver author of The Responsive Web is teaching a workshop based on his book as well.Attendees can attend the conference and both workshops October 20 - 22 and save $100 off the ticket price. Check out for more information about tickets and our line up of great speakers!

by Manil on Aug 24, 2015

PR help for startups

Any PR shop in the Dallas area that works with startups?

by Joe on Aug 21, 2015

Need a WooCommerce expert to resolve a PayPal issue

My site is a subscription service and my designer and I are working on a WooCommerce solution on a Wordpress site. We installed the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin, but it keeps giving us an error message when we try it out. I've contacted PayPal and seem to be doing everything right, but we can't resolve the issue. Is anybody experienced with WooCommerce subscriptions that can guide us in the right direction?

by Daniel on Aug 19, 2015

2 week MySQL data project

I'm looking for someone for a 2 week database project. This is working primarily with MySQL to take a bunch of data, transform it, and load it into another system.Must be local and dedicated for the 2 week project. Starts Monday. If you know anyone who might like to make a chunk of cash real quick let me know before I reach out further, just thought it might be a cool project for someone in the startup community.Freelance only, no agencies/recruiters pretty please.

by David on Aug 13, 2015

Looking a great new team member - Windows/Microsoft Support

Growing Cloud Services and Managed services company is looking for a new team member. The right candidate will have mid-level experience in the areas below:Windows server 2008R2/2012 configuration/maintenanceTroubleshooting ASP applicationsActive Directory maintenanceSQL installation/light maintenanceBasic networking troubleshootingWe offer extensive training to expand your talents in other areas such as VMware, Cisco networking, and wireless technologies just to name a few.Convenient Deep Ellum location close to DART, M-F work schedule with a great team and building new products. We're a 4 year old company with good, stable growth and a long term vision.Email resumes to me:

by Lindsey on Aug 11, 2015

Know code? Love helping people? Teach at The Iron Yard!

Here at The Iron Yard, we have an amazing ability to influence a new generation of developers and designers. Students come to us looking for something different, and in many cases putting large chunks of their lives on hold just to attend our classes. We, in turn, strive to give them a combination of education, experience and networking that far exceeds what they can do on their own in 12 weeks.A key part of that experience is our instructors. They are the lifeblood of our entire campus experience, and truly the mentors of each cohort of students who come through our program. As an instructor you have both an amazing responsibility, and an amazing opportunity - not only to help our students, but in your own personal career as well.Who We Look ForOur instructors are experts in their field, bringing real-world experience to their students. We are passionate about education and learning, and look for instructors who feel the same. We don't view teaching as some end-goal, but a step on the path towards greater mastery of our craft.It helps to have done public speaking, and especially teaching before. However, for many of our instructors, the experience is so unlike any training sessions they've given previously that we expect there naturally to be a learning curve.The Classroom ExperienceOur cohorts are 12 weeks long each and run three times per year, with a 4 week break between each cohort. While we have common curriculum, we also know each instructor is going to bring a different approach. We also look to our employer advisory boards to determine what the local job market needs - for example, Angular vs Ember, or focusing more on Sinatra than Rails.Your schedule is 5 days a week, with morning lectures, and afternoon labs where students work on assignments from lecture. After 9 weeks, your students begin working on their final projects, all leading up to our awesome demo days where they get to demonstrate something they actually built!Support NetworkAlong the way, you’ll have access to an incredible support network of globally distributed, talented and very driven team of instructors, campus operations personnel and team members that many instructors list as the defining characteristic of The Iron Yard. You will be assigned to a mentorship group with a facilitator for both your curriculum of practice, as well as a mixed curricular group to help spread ideas. In addition, each campus has a Campus Director, who helps coordinate anything you may need, along with being a partner in challenging situations with students. Finally, you'll have access to our entire network of instructors on Slack to brainstorm ideas, collaborate on materials, and in general create awesome learning opportunities for our students!BenefitsOur benefits are world class - we offer competitive salary, fully paid health insurance, an unlimited vacation policy, and the ability to shape the world of education! After every cohort, you get a month of internal focus where we encourage freelancing, speaking at conferences, travelling to other campuses to guest lecture, and working on internal tools to assist in the process of education all to help you keep up-to-date with your skills and network with the community at large.SkillsSpeaking of skills, perhaps the biggest question we get is around maintaining your skills. We offer several ways to keep your skills up to date:As part of the class, you will be coding every day. Not just classroom exercises, but tools and examples for your own useGiven how fast technology changes, you'll be keeping up with the latest in technology. For example, our current cohorts are learning things like ES6 and Swift.We offer the ability to work with our corporate training teams for a cohort to teach more advanced topics to our business clients which go beyond the basics to advanced and cutting-edge topics.We have an internal product team who will be collaborating with the instructors for ideas and advice.You'll be involved in our Employer Advisory Boards, learning what companies in your area are really doing and which skills they needIn short, there's no shortage of opportunities to keep up-to-date. Some of our instructors find they are able to actually stay more ahead of the technology curve given the amount of research and coding they do as part of their classes.Can I Do It?There's no doubt that teaching others is challenging. You are taking students and transforming their careers in a 12 week period. You'll push yourself farther than you thought possible, and learn more about learning and teaching and how they intersect with technology. And along the way you'll be backed by an incredible network of instructors and educators who have been there and can offer advice in nearly any situation.Contact UsIt's an incredible experience, and one where you can grow, learn, and help others. Start the process today by contacting us at and let's chat!

by Eric on Aug 10, 2015

Open Source Without Pain lunch and learn

Baker & McKenzie is hosting a lunch and learn discussion next Thursday, August 13 in their Dallas office featuring Bruce Perens. Mr. Perens is a thought leader on Open Source, has keynoted many legal and technical conferences and even spoke at the United Nations Summit on the Information Society at the invitation of the United Nations Development Program. While not an attorney, Mr. Perens is a programmer and intellectual property specialist who works with law firms and their clients. Space is limited, but interested parties may RSVP by clicking here.Perens, one of the founders of the Open Source movement in software and creator of the "Open Source Definition", the rule set for Open Source licensing which still stands today. Mr. Perens is also creator of "Busybox", the most-litigated Open Source program, but he was never party to these lawsuits! In fact, when developers brought these lawsuits, Mr. Perens was so frustrated that he started helping the defendants.  As a result, he created "Legal Engineering", a business that resolves infringement of software under the GPL license with minimum expense or pain for the customer. Mr. Perens has resolved GPL violations in a billion dollar television product line, a company that had its IPO during the process, and a company whose main product was thoroughly co-mingled with the Linux kernel code.  He's also helped many companies stay in compliance with Open Source licenses, and has developed strategies for Fortune 100 companies.Mr. Perens was series editor of the 24-volume "Bruce Perens Open Source Series" of books published by Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference. He has keynoted many legal and technical conferences and spoke at the United Nations Summit on the Information Society at the invitation of the United Nations Development Program. While not an attorney, Mr. Perens is a programmer and intellectual property specialist who works with law firms and their clients.What you will learn:How to make sense of the economics of Open Source.Your company already uses Open Source in some form even if you don't know its there.  Catch up with its management and the best strategies.Get an insider's report on the most significant Open Source cases and how they were resolved.Open Source licenses are not all the same, nor is each project's handling of intellectual property.  Learn the differences.Ask a 25-year Open Source expert anything.  Don't pull your punches!

by Robert on Aug 08, 2015

Position Available to teach Mobile App Development

The Univerity of Dallas has a position available to teach a course in Mobile Application Development this fall. Here are some details:* The class can be taught in either iOS (Objective C and/or Swift) or Android --- instructor's choice. * It is intended to be an introductory class, emphasizing general mobile app development notions rather than one specific platform.* The instructor should be very familiar with the app development cycle, and have developed a few complete apps on his or her own. * The originally-scheduled instructor will be available to help plan the course throughout the semester, in whatever way the instructor will find helpful. * The class will have about ten students. * The class meets on Tuesday and Thursday, 5:00-6:20 on the UD campus, though it may be possible to change this to better suit the instructor's needs. * The class runs from August 27 through December 3. * The instructor must hold a masters degree.People interested in learning more should contact:Robert Hochberghochberg@udallas.eduThanks!

by Eric on Aug 07, 2015

Digital Media + Anime. Seriously.

Hey cool kids. I wanted to let you know that we're hiring over here at FUNimation for a Sr. Mgr Digital Media to join my team. Our offices are in Flower Mound, so it's an easy drive down 2499 from Denton, or an easy commute (avoiding 35!) from Downtown. We offer all the usual benefits plus ANIME. Interested individuals, please inquire within:!

by Rustin on Aug 06, 2015

Build an app for the future of greeting cards

Hi! I am looking for a Swift or Objective-C developer who can make me an iOS app for a greeting card app, called Greetale. You'll be able to send greeting cards straight from your phone, but there is a twist to it to make it the greeting card company of the future. Help me build this thing!Email me at contact@rustinrassoli.comThank you so much!

by White on Aug 04, 2015

Travel Tech: Let’s Change The Game!

Serial entrepreneur w/ CFO exp of $100m+, CPA, Realtor, Founder of multiple Technology companies and real estate developer seeking technical co-founder(s) to build new tech empire. I can't do it all so I am looking for help. I am currently operating Solaris on Sun Servers at data center, but am willing to discuss all options. Initially, we will focus on a Travel portfolio that will revolutionize the industry. I will update bus plan and seek seed funding here in Dallas and elsewhere if needed. For starters, I need a highly technical engineer with expertise in multiple server platforms, SAMP/LAMP, security, DNS, email, etc. Then, I will follow that up with UI/UX, iOS and Marketing. Or, I could take on a firm that has capacity to take on a project of this size. In exchange, I can offer equity stakes upfront and salaries after funding, but there would be requirements to stay working partners as we rise. I am not really looking for short-term help at this point unless you are just looking for a challenge and want to have some fun. If you are interested and can build it, or interested in mentoring our team, then contact me to discuss that I don’t need somebody full time – you can keep your day job. I have been doing that for many years but I want to stop making everybody else rich and do this full time and reap what I sow. What I need is somebody that can perform these technical / server / coding skills better than me that can streamline the work and make the code more efficient. My servers are serving almost 300 – 500 dotcoms and I can’t keep limping along with these 1000 ideas in my head. And I am tired of selling some of them to pay the bills. So, I need help / partners.

by Brittani on Aug 03, 2015

New start-up, TapGoods, needs your help with inventory!

TapGoods is a peer-to-peer marketplace where you can rent your stuff to and from your neighbors. We are about ready to launch, but still looking for inventory (party equipment, sports / rec equipment, tools, hardware, etc) and we would love your help! If you'd like to make a little extra cash by renting your idle goods out to the community, please shoot me and email ( Sign up for our newsletter on to stay in the know! Thanks in advance for your support!

by Billy Bob on Aug 03, 2015

Opportunity for Podcast Engineer/Producer

Mpathy helps our Fortune 500 customers convert employee and customer feedback into performance impact. We are looking for a talented podcast engineer/producer that can help us build compelling podcasts from the audio clips we assemble from our customers. We can find podcast engineering technical talent fairly easily all over the world, but we'd like to find someone local to DFW so we can collaborate to identify the most impactful audio clips and transform them into powerful stories in a podcast format. This will quickly grow to a fairly significant amount of content, so we'd like to find someone that can grow with the role and develop processes to help scale and automate this work as we grow. Our ideal candidate has podcast engineering skills now, but has the talent and interest to grow into more of a product management role.For those interested, please email me directly: BBB at mpathy.infoThanks!

by Guillermo on Jul 28, 2015

Jr Rails Developer looking for a team

Jr. Stack Developer looking for a team to join and grow with. I know RoR, javascript (mostly basic and jQuery), scss, html5, java. Eager to learn new technologies and improve my skills. Linkedin:

by Jared on Jul 27, 2015

Prototype Feedback Request: Local Startup News - Dallas

Hey everyone, Jared (@jbschaff) here from Fort Work coworking space! Seth, another member at Fort Work, and I built a site for local startup communities and we'd love your feedback -- The purpose of the site is to share & discuss local news, ask for requests/intros, and show off new stuff you've built. So, there are 3 post types - ASK, SHOW, TELL.To post you'll need an invite, so hit me up for access!

by Allen on Jul 24, 2015

Family Tech-Day / Our First Birthday!

Tech EdVentures Celebrates Its First Birthday!!With our "Fall Tech Splash."Tech EdVentures launched one year age bringing coding and engineering skills to kids in grades K-8'th. Over the last year, we've taught hundreds of kids. Built dozens of robots. Created a score of video games.Now it's time to celebrate.Join us for a family-friendly day of hands-on tech, artwork, robotics and (yes) hacking opportunities.Date/time: August 30, 4-6 p.m.Location: NoD Coworking, 17290 Preston Road, Dallas, 75252Cost: Free!Highlight: 4:30 p.m. keynote by Michael Sitarzewski, entrepreneur and community builder. "Coding--The Next Horizon for Kids."RSVP and Info via Eventbrite See you there!Allen

by Sharon on Jul 23, 2015

Visual C# Windows Desktop Developer

Want to work with a new exciting start-up? Ziggli, Inc. is your answer! Be surrounded by senior experienced founders and developers. Ziggli is a people-centric communication platform that closely mirrors how you actually interact with people. Choose the right voice at the right volume for that person at that moment.We built a comprehensive communication platform that is centered around what matters most: people.Conversational structure prioritizes communication by relative importance of the person, its urgency and content.Comprehensive messaging/photo/audio/e-mail/calendar feature set with unique, patent-pending technology.Seamlessly move between personal and professional conversations.Serves small business (hosted) to large enterprise (corporate server).Modernizes legacy e-mail platforms to appeal to younger demographics.Flexible, user-defined security and message-level encryption.Skills Needed:We are looking for a Visual C developer to develop the Windows platform for Ziggli. Includes integration of messaging, email, calendar, and posting. Good UI and visual design skills are a must. Developer should be well versed in the latest techniques and environments. Creativity and enthusiasm are required!contact:

by Sharon on Jul 23, 2015

iOS Developer

Want to work with a new exciting start-up? Ziggli, Inc. is your answer! Be surrounded by senior experienced founders and developers. Ziggli is a people-centric communication platform that closely mirrors how you actually interact with people. Choose the right voice at the right volume for that person at that moment.We built a comprehensive communication platform that is centered around what matters most: people.Conversational structure prioritizes communication by relative importance of the person, its urgency and content.Comprehensive messaging/photo/audio/e-mail/calendar feature set with unique, patent-pending technology.Seamlessly move between personal and professional conversations.Serves small business (hosted) to large enterprise (corporate server).Modernizes legacy e-mail platforms to appeal to younger demographics.Flexible, user-defined security and message-level encryption.Skills Needed:We are looking for an iOS developer that has developed mobile applications in objective C. Ziggli is complex and challenging. Our initial release is currently moving into the app store. This position will be adding additional functionality for release 2. We are not looking for only senior developers as mentoring is available. Creativity and enthusiasm are required!contact:

by Chris on Jul 23, 2015

Senior ASP MVC Developer

Are you tired of not being appreciated, being paid less than your worth, or constantly being micromanaged? Do you find yourself dreading the day ahead as you get ready for work? If any of that applies to you, we need to talk. What we offer is the best opportunity in the area for individuals looking for a company who encourages creative thinking and depends on employees who are motivated and take initiative. An opportunity for you to come to work and enjoy what you do every day. To create something that is meaningful to its users, a product that makes a difference in their lives.Our Need: Senior developer seeking growth opportunity with an amazing new company. We are always looking at new technologies to improve your skill set and move our company forward.Required Skills: C, ASP MVC, HTML, CSS, Visual Studio, SQL Server, Angular JS, Selenium Web Driver, JQuery, Polymer, AzureWe are located in Irving near the DFW AirportIf you fit the above and are ready to fast track your career for the long term please email your resume to Chris Linville via email at

by Daniel on Jul 22, 2015

Web and Network Security

Each and every day we see another news article about someone getting hacked or some big new virus made by some scary underground team that nobody knows anything about. Don't be the next target, let Bloom Cyber Defense ensure your security now and in the future. We offer multiple comprehensive security services to serve your every need:Full Infrastructural Security TestingWeb Health CheckupsInformation Security AssessmentsResponse Team DrillsWeb and Network Penetration TestingWeb and Network Vulnerability Assessments and ManagementSocial Engineering TestingHealth Care Security (HIPAA Security Compliance)Virtual CISO/Security Consultant ServicesCryptography and CryptanalysisSecurity is a necessity for every organization of every size in every industry. Let Bloom Cyber Defense keep you safe and happy because we don't just sell security - we sell peace of mind.Please feel free to browse our website: http://www.bcdefense.comTo contact me please feel free to email me at or text/call me at 732-850-1086

by Lauren on Jul 22, 2015

Full Time Front End Developer Needed

Hi All, A friend's company is in need of a full time developer to start ASAP. Requirements: HTML, CSS, Javascript and at least 2 years of experience. Please reach out to me at if interested. Cheers!

by Allen on Jul 21, 2015

Teach Tech. Change the World...

Tech EdVentures, a young Ed Tech startup in N. Dallas, seeks a few visionary change makers to teach tech skills to young children in under-served neighborhoods on the south side of Dallas.Time commitment: Two to four days a week, 5-7 pm, for 30 weeks starting September 1.Content: Electronics, robotics, basic to intermediate computer coding.Compensation: $20/teaching hour.Are you tech savvy? Do you have a commitment to children? A sense of humor? A passion for being the change that inspires others? Then we want to meet you. If you have what it takes we will train and support you.Emails with introductions and a resume / CV to:

by Alan on Jul 20, 2015

8,160 SF Office Space For Sublease

8,160 sf partially furnished office space available for sublease in Greenhill Park Office at 14131 Midway Rd., Addison, TX.  Sublease terms expires 6/30/2017.  Contact Alan Thomas (214) 365-2737

by Marshall on Jul 20, 2015

Want to put something into Space? Kubos needs engineers with ambition

Kubos is an early-stage New Space startup with an ambitious plan to make the first open source software platform targeted at the burgeoning small satellite industry.We are currently developing our first CubeSat ("cube satellite") codenamed KUBOS-1, to perform a spaceflight demonstration of our new product: KubOS; an RTOS designed to run on a satellite's critical subsystems. KUBOS-1 is slated to launch on a resupply mission to the ISS in Q4 2016, and from there -- Low Earth Orbit.We need ambitious engineers to help us with implementation of our products and mission. Some of the skills we're looking for:* Embedded (RTOS or Linux) app and driver experience, preferably on MSP430, MSP432, ARM Cortex-Mx, or ARM Cortex-Ax architectures* Operating System or Software Platform engineers with experience in C* Experience implementing / designing spaceflight system algorithms * Developers with demonstrated leadership in the open source community* UHF & S-band RF engineers with experience in custom modulation techniques, particularly in low-power (1-2W/QRP) / high-latency environments, Most of our revenue is currently being used to iterate our spacecraft and software design with High Altitude Balloons, so we don't have a hiring budget to speak of -- in fact, while we are in the LightSpeed Accelerator, no one on our team is being paid. Instead of a salary, we are offering substantial equity to engineers who are passionate enough to join the team now, and can make a lasting impact.If you're interested, contact us

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